The best of the best from our kitchen in one supper club!

Join us for an amazing experience. Try local flavours and learn the history behind the creations. Chef Lekker will regale you with an ever-changing 6-course menu. Inspired by the seasons, ingredients and cuisine. Our supper club is a once a month recurring event held at the Uncommon cafe in the Railtown district in Vancouver.

What’s for Supper?

All the good stuff, I would say. Supper club menus are calibrated to reflect elegance and comfort in one. These meals can be enjoyed alone with strangers or booked as a group. Influenced by many travels, lots of books and daydreams.

A sample menu would be:

Zucchini salmon rolls
Venison carpaccio caper berries, pine nut, Parmigiano Reggiano
Butternut squash soup, pistachio oil, roasted pumpkin seeds
Lamb fillet, truffled nugget potato
Mediterranean roasted vegetable salad, arugula goats cheese
Amarano cherry mini cheesecake raspberry coulis



Supper club Vancouver


How to book your place at our Supper club?

Reserving a spot is easy. You can call your reservation in at 778-230-0519 or use our contact form.