A soiree with Michel Roux – A french menu
Personal chef service Vancouver

Michel Roux has published fantastic cookbooks and in many of them I find so much inspiration, and not only for a typical French menu  Now if you google Michel Roux, you will find two of them. Father and son. They both got to there fame in England. Their restaurant ‘Le Gavroche’ was the first restaurant […]

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Pot au feu
Dinner party Vancouver

Casual dinner party meal Want to create something special for your dinner party? But you have no time for the preparation. Of course you can always call Chef Lekker, OR you will try this recipe. You can hide so many nutritious food in this stew, even the biggest veg fearing carnivore will love it!   […]

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Halloween is knocking on your door
Holiday catering for your party

Instead of talking about a holiday catering service, let’s And you could have lots of treats 🙂   How can a holiday catering service save you time and let you relax more   Celebrate Halloween like no other and let Chef Lekker take care of the treats. Treats for you and your guests that is. […]

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Celebrate thanksgiving the easy way
holiday party catering thanksgiving, christmas

“Save time and relax more this thanksgiving” This thanksgiving, you will have the choice to enjoy the holidays, without the hussle. Visits to cramped grocery stores, hours and hours of kitchen work can be wiped off the to do list. This year enjoy the holiday rather then work on it. Now is the time to […]

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Quick and easy Warm pear and Parmesan salad

  I love cooking with pears! They go beautifully with both sweet and savory dishes. For this dish, we’ll use firmer pears, so they keep their bite after cooking. You can also cook according to the season with this recipe, by using fruit that is locally available at the given time, such as peaches, blueberries […]

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Pesto Risotto with Prawns

I love making pesto. It has a wonderful velvety texture and taste when the ingredients are well-balanced. There are so many methods, tips and tricks to make the ‘perfect’ pesto, but all you really need are good high-quality ingredients.   This recipe: Serves 2 people. Is easy to make ahead of time. Will yield some […]

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Cod fillet with lentil ragout

This is a very nice autumn dish. I used cod fillet, that could be easely replaced by salmon or halibut.Now for the lentils -spoiler alert-,you have to soak them for about 7 hours. So don’t think that you can just heat everything up and eat. Your tummy won’t like that.   This recipe is for […]

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