Cooking is an art and a highly personal thing. Every individual has a unique sense of taste and no two people are similar. From foodies who eat a variety of cuisines to health conscious people, food is a necessity for all. Many families search to find a personal chef with the same approach towards food as they have. The quality level and standards of the personal chef can vary dramatically based on prices, skills and training background. The points mentioned below will help you to search for and to hire a personal chef.

everybody needs a special style of personal chef

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1. What are your lifestyle needs?

Before hiring a personal chef, it’s important that you think about how the chef will compliment your lifestyle and schedule. Take a note of how many meals you want them to cook. Do you eat at home and want a full-time chef? or do you want a part-time chef who works only on the days you eat at home. If you hire a full-time chef, will they live with you at your home? or you would prefer them to only be there to prepare food and during the meal. The more you know about your lifestyle needs, the better able you’ll be to hire the right personal chef in Vancouver.


2. What is your budget?

Of course your budget plays an important role when hiring a personal chef because there is a dramatic variation in the prices of personal chefs. Highly trained chefs charge higher fees in comparison to less experienced chefs. Chefs specialized in any dietary cuisine also charge higher fees. Generally, part time chefs charge an hourly rate and sometimes even charge flat rates for a one-time booking of dinner parties and events.


3. What type of cuisine do you like?

Especially this is an important consideration as hiring a personal chef depends on the cuisines you expect from your chef to cater for. Are you interested in American, British, Asian or classic Japanese food?

are you on a Vegan or Gluten free diet?

Do you want complete five-course meals or will only a single-course meal be what you have in mind? Do you want your chef to cook only for family members, or will they be asked to cater for dinner parties?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered before hiring a personal chef. Whatever your reasons may be for hiring a personal chef, the cuisines play an important role in determining the choice of which chef to hire.


4. Domestic Versus Corporate

While looking to hire a personal chef you need to consider that many chefs started their career in restaurants and in the hotel business. Many chefs opt to move from corporate to domestic/private work so it’s normal to see this work background on their resume or CV. Chefs are flexible professionals and can work easily in any kitchen, so there will not be any issue if they don’t have any domestic background experience.


5. Additional Duties of Menu Planning and Shopping

Some chefs are asked to try and do extra duties within the kitchen and surrounding the meal preparation. This could be from menu planning, sourcing and shopping for the food, to even serving at the table and presenting the food to the principal and their guests. This can be a difficult side of domestic chef work that is generally not noticed within the corporate world. All home owners have totally different expectations from their chef and also the routine that’s created for them.


6. Event and Dinner Parties

Since Cooking for events and dinner parties requires additional skill sets and not all personal chefs will offer this. Some chefs take it as an exciting challenge whereas some prefer to cook only for smaller groups of people. If you regularly host events and dinner parties, it’s good to hire a chef who is willing to take on this requirement if that’s part of your lifestyle and among the reasons you want to hire a personal chef.


Ultimately, everybody needs a special style of personal chef who will be well-suited to what they have in mind. When searching for your personal chef, the more additional thought and detail you can consider and provide to the candidate chefs, the simpler it will be to seek out and hire the right chef.

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