Michel Roux has published fantastic cookbooks and in many of them I find so much inspiration, and not only for a typical French menu  Now if you google Michel Roux, you will find two of them. Father and son. They both got to there fame in England. Their restaurant ‘Le Gavroche’ was the first restaurant outside of France to receive a three Michelin star rating. And they menaged to hold it for a respectable 25 years!

Michel Roux senior started working as a pastry chef, just like his brother Albert. And when Albert moved to England, he followed as well. They are seen as the godfathers of English modern cuisine. Both sons of Albert (Michel junior) and Michel (Alain) are in the bizz as well. Alain is running the kitchen at the Waterside Inn and Michel junior is in charge at Le Gavroche.

A recipe has no soul. You as a cook must bring the soul to the recipe

 – Michel Roux Jr.

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Le French Menu

When I was browsing through my cookbooks and kitchen notes, I was looking for the French influences and flavours that inspired me. Something sophisticated yet simple enough, that the food can speak for itself. That is why I love serving a tasting menu. They are a collection of different tastes and individual plates, but have a collective theme. That theme can either be a cuisine, ingredient or even a season where all the dishes relate to.

this menu has no direct instruction or recipe, only ingredients, so you can bring the soul to the recipe.

  • Coquilles saint-jacques et champagne
  • Tartiflette au choux
  • côtelettes de carré d’agneau
  • côtes courtes de boeuf rôtie
  • Salade bagatelle
  • Clafoutis aux pruneaux

English Menu

  • Scallops & champagne
  • potato & cheese in pastry
  • rack of lamb
  • roasted short ribs
  • Asparagus & carrot salad
  • Brandy&prune pie


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