Catered party? Make your own cheese board!

Cheese platters at your catered party event look great. Whether served as an elegant appetiser, served between courses, an impressive buffet tray at a holiday party, or as a sophisticated dessert, the cheese plate is always a welcome sight at the table.

Cheese board, platters or plates are easy to create last minute and can feed the first guests while you are finishing up the final preparations in the kitchen. In general, it is an addition to a menu and therefor

There are no written rules for how to make your cheese platter, but I hope to give you some tips in this video.

In this video, we used the cheeses available at Choices Market

The list of cheeses we featured in this video are
Kaltbach Gruyere (Switzerland)
Coombe Castle Blue Stilton (England)
Gouda (Netherlands)
Le Rustique Camembert (France)

– Farmhouse Aged Cheddar of Natural Pastures
– Kootenay ‘ Alpinos’ Cheese of Kootenay Meadows
– ‘Juliette’ camembert / Flower chevre of Salt Spring Island cheese company

And the video was shot by Mark Gibbon

Garnish and Decoration

To make your platter look fantastic, you do not need to follow special techniques or complicated cooking skills. Just add some of these items and arrange them between the cheese.

Marinated olives, raw nuts, smoked nuts, prosciutto, salami, bread sticks, artichoke hearts.  Any fruit, but especially grapes, berries, apricots, and fresh figs,) dried fruit, jam or compote, honey. Crackers and bread

cheeseboard for a catered party
Assortment of cheese with honey nuts and grape on a rustic cutting board

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